About AMQA

AMQA Inc began in 2006 to provide a network for all Machine Quilters in Australia. With a large membership, it has grown in it’s desire to develop and promote Machine Quilting – both longarm and domestic -in Australia and worldwide,

Each even year the AMQA holds in conjunction with the Australian Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) a show of quilts.  This show is open to all machine quilters Australia and Worldwide.  In alternate years the AMQA holds a Member Challege.

The AMQA also has a mentor programme which brings quilters and their businesses together in a supportive structure.

Objectives of AMQA

The Association’s major stakeholders are:

The AMQA Inc aims to provide the following services to these major stakeholders.


  • Provide and support Industry development opportunities and growth
  • Continue to raise the profile of the Industry
  • Establish the AMQA Inc Principles for Membership
  • Stage an annual Machine Quilting judged showcase
  • Provide representation to various guilds
  • Establish a list of Standard Machine Quilting Terms
  • Encourage discussion of new and current issues facing the Machine Quilting Industry


  • Provide a united representation of machine quilting professionals to support machine quilting professionals
  • Facilitate Networking formal and informal amongst members through Open Discussion and Members Only Discussion Groups
  • Establish the AMQA Principles for Membership to support and encourage professionalism
  • Convene regular network and information gatherings
  • Establish a mentoring program
  • Seek and provide latest industry news and events via the AMQA website and Social Media
  • Provide opportunities for members to market their services
  • Provide a published list of machine quilting professionals (voluntary inclusion)
  • Provide up-to-date information on industry news and events